The Reality of Lyme’s Disease

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Chronic Lyme’s Disease is the greatest health endemic in America today, but the health insurance industry claims it does not exist. Difficult to diagnose and treat, Lyme’s has been reported to have 300,000 new cases per year, making Lyme’s twice as common as breast cancer and six times more common than HIV/AIDS. 1 The history of Lyme’s in America, from inception to today is sordid and corrupt, but may provide the insight necessary to expose the fiendish profiteering of the health industry. Those individuals who have survived their chronic Lyme’s, be they doctors or any other profession, are banding together to expose the cover up and offer their treatment for their insidious and debilitating disease.


Once thought to only be transmitted through deer (or black-legged) tics, new research has shown that Lyme’s disease is now transmitted through many insects, such as mosquitos, spiders, fleas, and mites (Dr. Mercola). Lyme’s disease is caused by a spirochete, a corkscrew shaped bacterium with the technical name Borrelia burgdorferi ( While much is known about Lyme’s, much more is being discovered everyday as the scope and nature of the disease is understood. Lyme’s is called “The Great Imitator” due to its ability to mimic the symptoms of other diseases, affecting any organ of the body, with a very pernicious attack neurologically. Lyme’s symptoms include:

Joint pain

Memory loss

Extreme Fatigue


Suicidal Thoughts



Chronic symptoms:

Muscle spasms

Heart problems


Intermittent Paralysis 2

Lyme’s Disease not only mimics other disease symptoms, but is a gateway disease for those diseases, which may be a secondary reason the insurance industry does not want to admit to chronic Lyme’s. Lyme’s is not treated or cured by antibiotics but by herbs, and the insurance industry does not want consumers to realize the power to heal themselves safely through herbs as they make billions from pharmaceuticals, often refusing point-of-care testing. To keep people suffering from chronic Lyme’s disempowered the health industry actively pursued and disbarred many physicians who treated chronic Lyme’s, and worked for a cure (Dr. Mercola). Since that time so many have gotten Lyme’s that the industry cannot keep up with the doctors who are working on it, especially when considering the lack of doctors in the U.S. 

Some of the leading experts in Lyme’s Disease are doctors who have got the disease themselves, and have defied the industry’s corruption to treat it and expose the lies. This is the case with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, who after getting Lyme’s developed a successful Integrative Medicine treatment plan in which he has learned a great deal about the nature of the disease. The disease is incredibly intelligent, and for those who are interested in learning the story of why, read Lab 257: The Disturbing Story of the Government's Secret Plum Island Germ Laboratory (Carroll). Lyme’s is difficult to diagnose, especially in chronic cases in which the spirochete has had time to inhabit the host, because the parasite bacterium can hide itself in healthy white cells, as well as in the lining of the gut, and within the neurological framework of the mind. The parasite manipulates other bodily functions to its own end, much like how the Candida fungus (look into it) corrupts the natural digestion process to feed its need (Dr. Mercola). 

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt emphasizes that Lyme’s creates the environment for co-infections, and “opportunistic infections” which means that some of the most virulent American diseases such as Parkinson’s, ALS, ADHD, Alzheimers, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, and Arthritis may be closely linked to Lyme’s. Dr. Klinghardt discusses this, 

The combined effect of the initial infection is an immune suppressive effect, and then the patient becomes vulnerable to all sorts of other things. The most common things people contract early on in the course if the illness are different forms of parasites, such as protozoa; Babesia itself being one of them…And then we find a lot of worms in people. They may be microscopic and they may be macroscopic. That means they may be visible in the stool or they may not be visible. (Dr. Mercola)

The Cover Up

In order to not pay for the treatment of Lyme’s, and give the disease time to weaken the immune system to create the environment for a host of diseases they could profit from, the health insurance industry has denied the existence of chronic Lyme’s. To this day the party line is that Lyme’s can be treated and cured with a two week round of standard antibiotics. However, this is a bold faced lie. Lyme’s cannot be treated or cured with antibiotics unless caught three days after being infected (most blood tests take over a week to get results back), because antibiotics do not penetrate the blood brain barrier while the Lyme’s spirochete can. This is because, “Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacteria that causes Lyme disease, has a corkscrew shape that allows it to bore deep into tissues and cartilage (including the brain and nervous system), safely out of reach of most antibiotics” (Edwards). When party doctors are confronted with this fact they often fall back on the secondary lie that intravenous antibiotics can penetrate the blood brain barrier, but this lie was discredited by the paper “The penetration of cephalosporins across the blood-brain barrier and its clinical significance” by Zhonghua Nei Ke Za Zhi. 1989 Jun;28(6):340-2, 381. PMID:2582913 (Vaughter Wellness). 

However, these results have been suppressed in the West, along with many other studies which support the existence of chronic Lyme’s and its resistance to antibiotics. One such study was kept from being published for over 12 years as it discredited a study (Klempner 2001) the insurance industry used to deny chronic Lyme’s existence (Johnson). Now, so many people have chronic Lyme’s that even members of Congress who are suffering from it are acting out against the corruption. House Representative Lee Zeldin of Shirley on Long Island (close to the Plum Island research facility where Lyme’s has been rumored to be engineered [see Lab 257]) has co-sponsored two measures to protect the American people from Lyme’s.  

These measures are the Tick-Borne Disease Research and Accountability and Transparency Act of 2015 and the 21st Century Cures Act (Grossman). In the region of Connecticut (also close to the island) where Lyme’s was first discovered, Senator Richard Blumenthal continues to reintroduce his bill, titled Lyme and Tick-Borne Disease Prevention, Education, Research Act of 2015. Blumenthal has conducted an antitrust investigation into the health industry to expose their knowing manipulation of data to serve profiteering interests, which found and exposed collusion between the Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA) and the insurance industry (Grossman). 

These findings were supported by the documentary “Under Our Skin” which exposes the corruption of the system, emphasizing the cruelty of chronic Lyme’s sufferers being referred to psychologists for their hypochondria. However, even after the investigation, and the mandate to revise the IDSA guidelines, nothing has been done because the corruption and profiteering is widespread through the collusion of the government and the health industry, as shown in “Under Our Skin 2: Emergence” (Grossman). This leaves one option for Lyme’s sufferers, turn from the corrupt health industry and become your own doctor. 

Treatment: Become Your Own Doctor

Lyme’s is a hyper-aware parasite which actively battles a person’s efforts to eradicate it, and requires a consistent and knowledgeable approach for curing, but it is possible. However, based on each individual’s own immune system health and genetic make-up cures must often take different forms. Many who have treated and cured Lyme’s themselves offer their experiences online, and many doctors who have done the same have created their own medicines. It is important to note cases have been diagnosed in all 50 states, but as of 2013, 95% of the confirmed cases came from the following states: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, and Wisconsin. (Edwards)

If you live in these states you should regularly get tested. The Lyme’s parasite has been found to be killed at high degrees in the body, and as such supplements of ginger and cayenne are very helpful, as well as hot baths and saunas. Since Lyme’s takes up strong residence in the digestive tract it is absolutely essential to take strong Probiotics to treat Lyme’s to balance the internal gut flora. Ultimately your body’s immune system is the best line of defense, and taking supplements which strengthen the immune system is key, such as the purest form of Colloidal Silver, Echinacea, garlic, vitamin C, licorice, and propolis. 

How the herbs are prepared also plays a role in their effectiveness. The medicine Fx Vital was created to address the unique challenges of Lymes. Fx Vital prepares the herbs Artemisia Annua, Japanese Knotweed, Whole Leaf Stevia, Cilantro, Curcumin, and Cryptolepis with liposomal preparation. Liposomal are fat bubbles which encapsulate the herb, allowing it to be absorbed into the gut where it is needed, also prepared this way the herb can penetrate the bio-film in which the parasite is bored into, and very importantly to penetrate the blood brain barrier (Fx Vital). A little bit of research and a lot of herbs can go a long way towards curing Lyme’s. 


Bottom line, the American health industry has a vested interest in disease, and is actively undermining the security and rights of the nation. Citizens must wake up to this reality, educate and protect themselves, and stop putting their trust in industries and government who are not to be trusted. Do not give up if you are suffering from Lyme’s: cure yourself with nature’s help!


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