Customer Survey-Movie Theater Childcare

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A survey was administered to 5 parents of children ranging in age from 3-10 years old. The parents were provided a description of the childcare service and then were asked to answer questions about their views of the service provided. The parents were asked the following questions about the childcare service:  Have you ever used child care services at the movie theater? What would you pay to have someone watch your children while you watch a movie? How often would you use the service? Would you want a childcare service in other entertainment venues? The parents were also asked to rank their priorities when they look for a childcare service. These priorities were: cost, location, safety, training of staff, cleanliness and hours of operation. 

The survey found that only one parent out of the 5 had previously used a childcare service at the movie theater. The prices that they would pay for the services ranged from $10-$15 an hour. Most of the parents reported that they would use the services at least twice a month as this is how often they go to the movies. Two parents reported that they currently did not go to the movies that often so they may not use the service that often however if the service was available to them they may be more inclined to go to the movies. One parent thought that the childcare service would be good in other areas such as at concerts or restaurants, however most of the parents reported that they did not think it was appropriate to have childcare services in other areas. When asked to rank their priorities most of the parents stated that safety was the most important priority. This was followed by cost, cleanliness of the facility, staff training, location and finally hours of operation.

The survey results provided valuable information that determined parents would be interested in using the services. The results also provided a price point to start selling the services, thereby triggering the need to explore alternative funding strategies. The survey also demonstrated the areas that the center should focus on, in this case, is the safety of their children. Through utilizing the results gathered by the survey, the childcare center can be successful. 


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