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When the virus was discovered in the 1980s it was viewed to be a death sentence. However over the years as forms of treatment have improved in managing the disorder it has become less fatal to those who have received a diagnosis. This is not the case for everyone as certain populations continue to be vulnerable to not only acquiring the virus but also dying from it. Sex workers are present all over the world and reducing the rates of the disease within this population can have global impacts. Individuals who willingly engage in sex work are not the only individuals who contribute to the prevalence of the disease as human trafficking contributes to the spread. Human trafficking can spread the disease globally as the victims are being moved from country to country. Condom use can significantly reduce the rates of HIV/AIDS; however, the elderly population refrain from using condoms and this contributes to the high infection rates in their age group. However, due to various factors condom use is not prevalent among sex workers. Commercial sex workers may also have sex with multiple individuals increasing the rates of individuals who may acquire the disease. Men who go to a sex worker may acquire the disease and then take it home and transmit it to their partners. Sex workers are also more likely to be victim of sex crimes. 

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