Healthcare Management Research Paper

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The definition of healthcare management is the usage of both clinical as well as information technology and data sharing in combination with both leadership and managerial skills to properly ensure that healthcare is delivered at optimum levels. An expensive industry, healthcare ranges from everything to emergency room visits to rehabilitation. Without proper healthcare management, these particular healthcare services would not be possible. 

Topics explored within the healthcare management umbrella include health systems, which refers to an organization of the various resources (i.e. funding, institutions and people) that ensure proper delivery of health care needs of certain populations; analysis of the particular healthcare systems and their relative functions; the planning and design of healthcare systems; how information technology plays a unique and key role in the operations of healthcare facilities; compliance and legal aspects of the healthcare industry; project management essentials and a general overview of elderly and long term care (Lenel et al.,n.d.; Baker, 2003). Those who opt to work in the healthcare management field will find they are needed in a myriad of settings that include clinics to nursing homes to rehabilitation centers. Within the healthcare management field, positions are generally specialized and incorporate healthcare financing, government relations, human resources, information systems, marketing, public affairs, management of equipment and supplies, facilitators with medical staff, administration pertaining to nursing, patient care services and the planning and development operations of healthcare systems ("Make a Difference...Discover a career in healthcare management!," 2013).

In researching this particular area of study, literature from books, journal and newspaper articles will aid in understanding the importance of healthcare management. First, these items will be collected and read and then an outline will be written for the research paper. The outline will consist of five areas: what is healthcare management?, what types of focuses pertain to healthcare management?, how does healthcare management aid in leadership and managerial skills?, and what types of professions can one obtain within the field of healthcare management. Each area will expound upon the question using information collected from the literature. It may also be viable to interview and/or obtain a survey from individuals currently working in the field. Time management will play a key role in executing this research paper successfully. Different intervals will need to be set up to accomplish certain sections, in order to prevent procrastination at the last minute.


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