Nursing Admissions Essay

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My caring and attentive heart have given me a passion and a love for the nursing field. I care so much about the field because I care about people, and simply want to help people feel better. The nursing career is a line of work that encourages compassion, care, and attentiveness, all of which are innate qualities that I possess. I know that the role of the nurse within the hospital setting is an essential part of creating a warm, calm atmosphere that helps patients feel comfortable in the hospital, which can be a very scary place for children and adults alike. These are the qualities that I want to emulate in my career path. Furthermore, I believe that my compassion and capacity for learning will prove very useful throughout my career as a student of nursing, which will give me an ideal position in the thriving health care industry.

I have the ideal heart and mind to be a nurse. I feel a deep connection and compassion for the distressed and those in need. I take opportunities to volunteer for local outreach programs in my area when time permits. As a nurse, I feel that I could do so much more to help those in need, whether it is healing or comforting. To me, this is the most important aspect of nursing, as the level of comfort a patient feels has a significant impact on the overall well-being of the patient, physically, mentally and emotionally. Quite a bit of research has demonstrated that patients who are happier and calmer actually show more health improvement within the hospital setting! I would love to be a part of the healing process in patients, especially in a role with such an important impact on the patient experience. Acceptance into this program would give me the opportunity to realize my life-long calling.

I also have the quick mind and strong mentality required for a nursing career. First and foremost, I am intelligent and capable of understanding the technical concepts relevant to the future of nursing. I have accumulated a <insert GPA> grade point average throughout my tenure at <insert High School>. I am also a very quick thinker and adapt quickly to unforeseen circumstances. I believe this is a quality of my mental makeup that separates me from any other candidates. Simply stated, it is one of the most, if not the most important aspect of the job, as nursing requires an extremely high tolerance for the unexpected, dangerous, and just plain gross. This is information and advice that I received from current practicing nurses in the field.

Fortunately for me, there is no better time than now to enter into the nursing field. According to the 2012 Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare-related occupations are expected to be among the fastest, if not the fastest growing industry in the United States over the span of the next decade (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013). This puts me in a position where I get to do what I truly want to do and make it a career! Not everyone can say that about their jobs, especially in the current job market. Applying to <insert institution> is the first step toward realizing my dream of obtaining further nursing education and becoming a registered nurse.

Due to the new healthcare laws in the United States, every citizen (and many non-citizens) will have access to basic healthcare needs. What this means for the industry is that more people will be visiting hospitals, emergency rooms, and patient clinics, due to their newfound ability to afford health care. I feel that I would fit perfectly into a new role of helping with the transition of this entirely new demographic that is entering the industry. I am confident that I possess all of the skills, knowledge, and mental fortitude essential for success in the industry.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I hope to have demonstrated my sincere passion for a nursing career, my inborn compassion for the sick and distressed, and my capacity for learning. I would love nothing more than to study Nursing at <insert institution>.


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