The State of the U.S. Medical Establishment

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The current state of the U.S. Medical establishment is, to put it lightly, in turmoil. The idea of having healthcare in the U.S. should not be as scary of a topic as it is. The United States healthcare system makes up for most of what the problem is in the Medical field of the U.S. It includes all health issues and is the basis of all concerns at the moment. The most controversial subject at the moment seems to be the new Obamacare policy. There are millions of people who are not covered under the new Obama Affordable Care Act, and many that have lost their coverage because they don’t fulfill the requirements. Citizens are shaken because they face losing a large chunk of their tax return if they do not have it, and according to The Washington Post, many people who were promised they could keep healthcare plans that they already signed up for will not be able to keep them.

Although there has been a backlash when it comes to the new health reform, there are also other cases where it could significantly improve the healthcare of others. This is especially true of women who hold this policy. According to Katha Pollitt, women stand to gain a great deal from Obamacare, such as “mandatory coverage of maternity care, prohibiting higher insurance premiums for women, and including birth control within the no-cost preventive care category.” (2) These are wonderful, reassuring, necessities when it comes to healthcare for women. There are also other rules that ensure that women won’t be dropped when their healthcare changes, etc. However, it does not pertain to the male population and this is worrisome to many households.

The state of healthcare is in turmoil because many American citizens are finding out that they can either not afford it, or do not qualify for it, which is exactly what the president promised would not happen. Unfortunately, it is hard to follow through with such a promise that affects an entire country, but it’s harder to stop putting faith into the only system that can take care of American citizens.

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