Eating Disorders and Plastic Surgery

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RE: Eating Disorders and Plastic Surgery

Dear Professor:

For the final paper, I chose the topic, “the media causes eating disorders and plastic surgery”, for three reasons. First, I chose this topic because the media is always displaying images of skinny models and actresses on television and in magazines. These images make people compare their bodies to famous figures and question their own looks. Next, I selected this topic because several of my friends have had the eating disorders named anorexia and bulimia. My friends were really skinny and sick, and when I asked them why they felt the need to starve their selves and purge their food, they explained that they wanted to look like the models in Victoria Secrets magazines, due in-part to the pro-ana sub-culture. Finally, I chose this topic because I watch a lot of cosmetic surgery shows on television. In all of these episodes, the patients bring in the picture of a famous skinny person that they would like to resemble. In all, these are the three reasons why I chose to argue my topic in the final paper.

When writing the final paper, I first began by brainstorming arguments to support my topic. Once I wrote down four or five good arguments for my topic, I started doing research in the library to look for books and articles to support my arguments. Then, I went on the internet to find websites that had material that related to my topic. Finally, I collected enough material to write the first draft of the essay.

While I was writing my first draft of the final paper, I realized that it was difficult to find quotes to support my arguments. Although I had enough information to write my first draft, I found it tricky to argue for my topic using the material that I had found. After I was finished with my first draft, I realized that I did not have a good argumentative paper. The information that I had found only explained my topic instead of arguing for it. Therefore, I knew that I had to strengthen my arguments for the second draft.

Before I wrote my second draft, I brainstormed several arguments against my topic. I then went back to the library to do more research. This time, I was able to find articles that argued for and against my topic. Once I had this research, it enabled me to change portions of my first draft. Surprisingly, editing my first draft allowed me to quickly argue against my topic in the second draft. Finally, when I received feedback on my second draft, my paper was solid, and my third draft didn’t need many revisions.

Overall, I am thrilled to be completed with this final paper. Although writing an argumentative research paper helped me to strengthen my skills at creating arguments for and against a topic, I never want to write an argumentative paper again. The entire process was time-consuming, and I spent many hours writing and rewriting my drafts. Honestly, I am thrilled that my assignment has been completed. In closing, thank you for your time throughout this class. I hoped that you enjoyed reading my essay and this letter.


{Your Name}