The Convenience of Smartphones

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With the widespread prevalence of smartphones, nearly every cellular phone user has a computer in the palm of his/her hand at all times. Each smartphone operates on a mobile operating system, with Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android being the two most popular on the market at the moment. Users have the capability of accessing e-mail, browsing the Internet, and taking high quality pictures, along with thousands of other features.

One of the hallmark features of the smartphone is apps, short for applications. Apps are designed to complete a number of tasks, whether that be to alter pictures with different effects, play a mobile video game, watch television shows and movies, or even read books. In order to purchase apps, one must visit their phone’s respective app store. For iPhone users, that means the App Store, while Android users can purchase apps through Google Play. From there, millions of applications are accessible at a moment’s notice. 

After the app is purchased, it will appear on the phone’s screen as a tiny icon. In order to access the program, simply click on the icon and the phone will do the rest. Smartphones are also fully customizable, with users having the ability to arrange the icons as he or she sees fits, and there are also numerous background screens to choose from. In all, a smartphone is basically a condensed computer, with the ability to do almost anything a computer is able to do. The beauty of a smartphone, however, is that it can be used anywhere due to the fact that it operates on a cellular network, meaning users do not have to be at home or have access to a Wi-Fi network to access the Internet, making it much more convenient than traditional cell phones and laptop computers.